I'm currently expecting my first child, unsure of the gender as of late but I'm looking for any & everything baby. Anything I cannot use when I find out the gender I'll post back on here. Thanks in advance.
Looking for a twin bed, hopefully with mattress Best if it can be disassembled to fit in a car.
Hello all! I am looking for 5-6 metal plant hangers. These are the type of hangers were a few screws in the stud and the hanger would hang out from the wall and then you can hang something from it. Maybe think hanging small bird feeder or small wind chimes. Thanks! Cheers, Mark
Looking for an Executive Ball Pendulum to teach my class the conservation of momentum/energy. Any size/condition, as long as it works. Thanks for considering my request.
I know this is a long shot, but I am currently running Windows XP which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Even though it does everything I need it to, it's been shoved into the dark ages by Microsoft. I would appreciate if someone has a CD/DVD of Windows 7, 8 or 10 they are not using. An available Key Code would probably be all I need. Thanks.
I have some of the gray plastic shelving with the pvc like legs that you assemble. I recently gave away some wooden shelving that was not easy for me to move and need strong but light weight. Anyone have some extra that they are no longer using? I could really make use of it. Thanks for reading.
Looking for an upright vacuum that would be able to clean a small apartment. Thanks in advance!
Baby's due in March and I need a warm coat or jacket for the winter months. Size medium or large will do.
I m looking to buy any of these trail riders or racing team patches that I don t have. Most measure approx 9 across. This Ski-doo trail riders patch is one I m missing. And there are personalized club versions like the Chaparral patch I m collecting. Texts are best - Thanks!
Trying to make a simple table and shelf concoction to convert a laundry room sink into an area with a mirror and table to put toiletries on when the main bathroom is busy. If you have something that might be useful for that please respond. Thanks for reading.
Looking for sheet of new insulation or large piece. We need to insulate a plastic bin for outside cat for shelter. Thank you
Hello! Looking for any extra arts and crafting wax for a wedding project!
Looking for old blankets and sheets you would like to get rid of. Moving blankets would be great, too, and rope good for securing furniture and boxes would be most welcome and appreciated!
I need a standard size ( 30" wide) electric stove in working order. Thanks!
Need a microwave for temporary apartment - any kind is fine. Thanks in advance!
Need a headset to connect to a telephone for hands free operation with a microphone and dual, binaural, earphones. The plug side should have a 2.5 mm plug, or RJ9 connector, like what is at the end of a standard telephone handset.