I am looking for a vintage wooden dining chair with a cushion, cane or rush seat, just something other that the plain wood. but if you have something available I would appreciate it! A vanity stool will also work. THANK YOU
I could really use a window air conditioner, someone stole the two that I used last season. If you have an old one in an attic, garage, or basement, I could really put it to good use. Thanks :)
I'm looking for a small purple coneflower (Echinacea) plant. If you have to split yours, I'd like a small piece of it. Thanks!
Looking for an upright vacuum cleaner in working condition, does not have to be "pretty". Our old workhorse just bit the dust!
In need of a playpen. Condition not important. It will be used to exercise chicks that have hatched in our classroom until they're big enough to go back to the farm.
Need sewing scissors, reasonably sharp, any size. Preferably ones not used on paper or plastic, only fabric and thread. Thanks!
Looking for a statue of Mary for my prayer garden. Thank you for considering my request!
My phone broke. Does anyone have a Virgin Mobile or Sprint phone they are no longer using because they upgraded? I could really use one. Thanks
Looking for a scanner for light use at home. Doesn't matter if it is flatbed or auto-feed. I got lucky getting one from freecycle a few years ago, but it has finally bit the dust. If it is missing cables or cords, I can probably work with that and figure it out. Thanks. Pete in Irondequoit
Looking for some wheel ramps to use for home auto maintenance and repair. The kind that you drive forward on to the ramp a couple feet, and the car sits about 10in off the ground, making it easier to slide under and work. They look like this: https:// Thanks. Pete in Irondequoit ** Edited by moderator ** Web links are not allowed in posts for member safety
Looking for an oil drip pan for use during oil changes. I lent mine out to someone who "can't find it."
Looking for garden rocks to update the look of my front yard. Thank you for your generosity.
I'm looking for a liquid pesticide sprayer. They they usually have a 1-2 gallon tank that has an external sprayer that you can pump up to spray liquid pesticides. If you have one that you no longer use, I would love to take it off your hands! Thanks.